Wyndridge Farm

A Complete brand build.

Wyndridge Farm Brand Capture

The essence of Wyndridge Farm? Rustic. Elegant. Fun!

Wyndridge Farm first required an overall identity for the farm and then for its first product – a hard apple cider. Wyndridge is also a destination for cider/craft brew/wine/food lovers, while also hosting events and weddings for those looking for a historic, elegant farm backdrop.

Elegant + Rustic + Wynd = Wyndridge Farm

In creating the overall brand mark for the farm (the umbrella visual identity), we visited the farm and talked about what its brand was, who it was targeting and how we wanted to portray the brand in the consumer’s mind. We then gathered hundreds of images, colors, fonts and illustrations to use as creative inspiration.

  • Logo
  • Brand Research & Development
  • B2C Product Branding
  • Creative Writing
  • Script and TV Commercial
  • Website Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Point of Sales Signage

    The Wyndridge scarf-wearing fox is more than just an icon; it’s a descriptive mark. The fox is known as an elegant, sly and crafty animal, one that visits the farm for a little “fun.” This essence captures the spirit that is Wyndridge Farm, a place to visit for your own fun.

Crafty Cider

The main brand goal was to change the perception of hard ciders. Currently, most hard ciders add extra sweeteners (pure apple concentrate) into their mix, creating a candy-like drink. Wyndridge Farm Cider uses pressed apples and yeast, creating a lighter/more refreshing cider. Because of this, instead of “Hard Cider,” we called it “Crafty Cider.” Also, the brand needed to say elegance, but in a fun way. So, we portrayed the Wyndridge Fox as a tuxedo-wearing William Tell.

Sly Farm Wines

In creating the wine labels, the look needed to have a slightly different feel, but still tie into the Wyndridge brand. We chose farm animals, but put the Wyndridge scarf on them. The illustrations were done in a more artistic style and thus look more like wine.

Crafty Farm Beer

The beer branding needed to visually stand apart from the rest of the craft beer beverage competition. However, the Wyndridge name needs to tie-in to the entire brand. So, we changed the style of illustrations, but kept the elegant/fun feel. The result is a beer label that will jump off the shelf and also clearly represent the Wyndridge brand.

Wyndridge Farm Brand Result

The tasting room soft launch exceeded expectations – there was often a two-hour wait on weekends. The wine was selling out and the beer launched with positive reviews. Now available in 11 states, Wyndridge can be found on the shelves of leading superstore chains, such as Wegmans and Whole Foods.